Become a Fellow

There are many benefits to becoming a fellow, from paid internships to valuable connections and more. Read on to learn what past fellows say about their experience, and how the fellowship is designed to maximize its impact.

The S Jay Levy fellowship has helped me grow personally and professionally. After the program, I felt more confident in myself and well prepared to handle any interview. I also had the opportunity to be a research intern at NYU Langone Health, where I contributed to research studies on headaches and migraines. Overall, I am thankful for the great experiences and support during my time as an S Jay Levy fellow.

— Fatoumata Sow

As someone who was new to the field of journalism, the fellowship guided me through the process of networking, interviewing, and getting placement in an internship. The fellowship helped me grow into my career. S Jay Levy opened a lot of doors for me and I will be forever grateful for that.

— Sajina Shrestha

The S Jay Levy Fellowship helped me launch my career, paired me with industry mentors and ultimately helped me land job offers from the likes of American Express and Amazon. I am grateful to the S Jay Levy staff and highly recommend the program. He is now paying it forward by being an industry mentor.

— Anthony Shalagin

​The S Jay Levy Fellowship has played a crucial role in my acceptance into a highly competitive MD/PhD program at University of Rochester and setting me on the path of my dream career. Through fellowship’s various professional development trainings, network opportunities, and summer research internship at Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical School, I gained irreplaceable experience that made me stand out in the pool of highly successful applicants.

— Svetlana Markova

Program Components and Benefits

The S Jay Levy Fellowship for Future Leaders provides important experiences, access, and skills that help students successfully pursue their chosen professions. Practical on-the-job experience, advice from industry experts, professional development coaching, and engaging classroom discussions all come together to give fellows a valuable edge.

Become a Fellow
Summer Internship (June - August)

All S Jay Levy Fellows participate in a paid summer internship or research experience relevant to their academic major or career interest. The internship provides fellows with important resume-building experience that puts their classroom-learned skills to the test and facilitates their future full-time job search.

Become a Fellow
Industry Mentorship (Fall Semester)

Each fellow is matched with an accomplished mentor appropriate for the fellow’s chosen industry to directly provide practical advice, coaching, and support to help navigate professional challenges. Mentors can also help open doors to fellows, such as by facilitating valuable industry introductions. Many mentor/fellow pairs choose to stay connected long after the program has ended, highlighting the benefit of these relationships.

Become a Fellow
Professional Development Course (Fall Semester)

Well-written resumes, strong interview techniques, and foundational workplace skills help all S Jay Levy Fellows stand out. This vocational, career, and self-development course has long-term benefits, helping ensure that all fellows have the tools necessary to successfully obtain and execute both their internships and future full-time roles.

Become a Fellow
Peer Mentorship (Spring Semester)

In addition to working with experienced Industry Mentors, fellows simultaneously benefit from Peer Mentors, who are S Jay Levy Fellowship Alumni who have chosen to stay involved with the fellowship. Peer mentors can strongly relate to current fellows’ experiences, and share key advice that resonates.

Who Can Apply?

Applicants to the S Jay Levy Fellowship must satisfy all the following eligibility criteria:

Must have a GPA in the top 20% of their school or division at CCNY.

Must have an anticipated graduation date not earlier than the Spring semester after the summer internship.

Must be able to fully participate in all of the program’s components (including coursework, mentoring, and the internship).

Must have strong career aspirations, a determination to succeed, and core values in alignment with the spirit of the S Jay Levy Fellowship.

How to Apply

Eligible candidates for the S Jay Levy Fellowship are invited to apply during the month of January for the following academic year. If you are an eligible candidate, you will receive an invitation email, as well as a phone call with information about the program, in early January. The program will also hold an in-person and a remote information session for prospective applicants in late January/early February.

The deadline for applications is February 16th. Applicants must submit:

A completed copy of the application form received in the invitation email

A 500-word personal statement describing your long-term career aspirations

A transcript of your grades at City College (unofficial version is fine)

Two short (300-word) essays describing: a) your ideal internship and b) your view of the role of ethics in the workplace

An updated copy of your resumé